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  • Yep. I still do my thing. I'm going to call it a night and go to sleep, but I'll be back on tomorrow night.
    I've been on almost every night since '08. It's part of my nightly routine. ADISC is an important part of me, something I enjoy, but also feel attached to. I always feel that there might be someone I can help, so I'm here. It's so good reconnecting with you again. I've missed you.
    I've thought of you often and have been meaning to get with you. I wondered how things were going, school? Go to pm if you want. Christmas was great and the summer is even better.
    Again, I was thinking of you James and would have contacted you if you hadn't contacted me. I'd like to go through a sort of Christmas list of good friends on the site, and you are one of them. PM me away!
    Hey James. It's always good hearing from you. I'm doing okay. Busy at work but I get tomorrow off because of election day. I hope all is well with you. How's school going and geometry?
    Hello! Some how found my way to your profile through your avatar picture. XP sorry I do that alot. So well hi! ^_^
    Hi!!! Hows things going??? I noticed you know some C... i think i shall have to learn a bit from you lol, im learning it next semester!! Do you have msn?
    Yeah Im great!!! Just doing all of my homework and assignments and all that horrible stuff hehe
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