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    Belissmos v2 coming apart!

    I always use nappy rash cream, Sudocrem, I've never had any issues you only need to apply a fine layer on your skin, it keeps you well protected if you wear for extended periods. If I do use any lotion or oil I make sure it's throughly absorbed in to my skin before putting on my nappy.
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    Trying the new Bellissimo V2 tonight

    For those that have received the new Bambino Bellissimo V2 nappies what do you think of them? Are they an improvement on the older version? Is the plastic backing the same? What changes do you notice apart from the hook and loop design now. Thanks for your replies.
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    Bambino Bellissimo V2 New

    I'm like you, I love the non busy designs I hate it when they try and cram as much graphics as they can onto the nappy, simple designs like the above one do it for me.
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    Bambino Bellissimo V2 New

    Hi Guys Just spotted that Bambino have brought a version 2 of their Bellissimo nappy and I think it looks awesome! They have added hook and loop tapes this time, I will definitely be getting some whenever they come over to the UK or Europe which I'm hoping they will. Probably going to be...
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    Wives and incontinence

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your wife! I'm glad you were there for her and looked after her till the end. Life is very tough sometimes!
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    Morrisons Nutmeg Top To Toe Baby Wash.

    LilxFawn You could always look online?
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    I battled Black Friday, and Black Friday won...

    I bought x 1 pack of Betterdry and x2 of Drylife Super Slips and Cuddlz Blue Kitty plastic pants.
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    Morrisons Nutmeg Top To Toe Baby Wash.

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to say have any of you guys tried the above baby wash? I bought some the other day and I adore the scent, if ever I go to the shower to clean up, sometimes being out of nappy can take you out of your little space, especially if you have a dirty bottom to clean up, but for...
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    Wives and incontinence

    Hi guys, I've been reading your posts about your other halfs reactions to you having to wear nappies, and to be honest I'm a shocked at some of your replies. At how some of your wives hate the fact that you have to wear diapers, all of this is no fault of your own, I'm sure if you didn't...
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    rearz barnyard - yay or nay?

    Hi, I'd say they run smaller than a Tykables, I did a length comparison test between the two, Rawrz and Barnyard, and the Rawrz were slightly larger length wise. I'm a 34" waist and the Barnyards fit me perfectly.
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    rearz barnyard - yay or nay?

    They get a definite yay from me, I bought a couple of samples to try them out when they first arrived at NRU and the tapes were a little iffy, but when I bought a whole bag of them a few months later these tapes were far better, as good as the Tykables. I wore one the other night and and no...
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    I can now wet my Drylife Slip Super without waking up!

    I too wear Drylife to bed at night, and I'm the same as you, wake up and wet then go back to sleep, but this week I've woken up wet for the past 3 days and and have no recollection of waking up to pee. I must admit it does make me feel very babyish, but at the same time a bit worrying that I'm...
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    BigTots - Etsy...

    I bought the baby bear romper from her a couple of weeks ago, very impressed by the quality, I will definitely be buying from her again.
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    new Tykables Diapers

    Tykables other new diaper
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    New Rearz Lil Squirts- Splash

    Found this while looking at YouTube. I'm really liking the light blue colour and the little animals look really cute. Definitely look better than the last Lil Squirts version.