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  • Sure, send me your e-mail in a Private Message, er... and I'll try to do it at the end of the week =P I'm sailing tomorrow lol so I won't be near my pc these days-
    Lol you posted on your own wall again, I didn't saw it until now =S sorry, I've already completed the animation, hope you liked it though.
    Thanks Neive he looks amazing :D Almost exactly as I picture him in my head. I really like his cheeky grin :D ( I’m interested to see how you make a fox look embarrassed :p)

    Could you possibly add the Y front detail * that the new types of Drynites have ? maybe white eyes with black pupils, (im not sure how that will look :S) sorry to be really picky but maybe make the tail a bit smaller and less bushy.

    Thank you so much it is awesome and I can’t wait to see the finished animation :D

    *Redirect Notice
    Hey, well I made them yellow xD but I can change them to blue- any other changes? (I posted a preview in the thread) and yep I started skyrim on saturday, but I've only played that afternoon =S had to do other things.
    Hullooo, I'm finally making your fur, sorry for the delay-, do you have a preference for the eyes' color?
    I wanted to play as a Khajiit! but instead I created a Dark elf =P the abilities/powers affected the decision more than the looks... sadly.
    Hum... well that's something really personal for you, but as I see it, it should be something related to fire/sun/summer, something hot =P lol something strong and vital, because of your colors and the rock music liking. I'm sorry I couldn't work on your animation today, I wanted to rest a bit, and I just started Skyrim XD so there went my weekend.
    As for as the shirt the logos of, bonjovi or def leopard, guns n roses, scorpions :D any of them that you won't find to hard draw :)

    I'd like my pull-ups to be mature ( ish) with a hint of babyness :D llike I said similar to goodnites :D

    Thanks again, I can't wait to see the finished work
    Towers, bridges, Castles that sort of thing :D

    Id like something along the lines of goodnight ( quad bike, sharks)

    thanks again :D
    Congratulations on being one of the winners =) - I have some questions for making your fur x) can you tell me what toys is he playing with? any special requests for the rock-themed shirt? your pull up should be more childish like or teeny like? thats all for now-
    Hello, I gather your visit to my profile was prompted by a cutting comment made by a nameless person on a long forgotten thread. You may be pleased to know that you were not the intended recipient there. If perchance you do indeed feel injured, get well soon. Welcome to adisc.
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