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    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    Not sure. The quote is from my daily informed delivery email. I haven’t logged in there in months/years
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    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    No. Listed under packages as ONE STOP MAILING
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    Diaper Connoisseur Lately

    Yeah. Good point. I bought a 50/50 case, and half of the pink ones were missing a tape on one side
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    Diaper Connoisseur Lately

    They’re a solid B, really hard to compete with ABU, Tykables, and Crinklz nowadays
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    I wear pampers size 8 but getting a bit small any suggestions on what else I could wear Are two of my favorites
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    Wearing after making Stickies

    Awesome! It even becomes part of the turn on and fantasy for me now: telling myself that even though I’ll want to take my diapers off after I make stickies, I’m not allowed to because I’m a diaper baby
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    Wearing after making Stickies

    You’re experiencing the refractory period that happens for men. The most important part for me is being kind with my self talk after ejaculation. Tell yourself to relax, and that you were a good boy for making stickies where they belong in your diapers. Also tell yourself that you belong in...
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    Vintage goodnites giveaway.

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    Vintage goodnites giveaway.

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    Vintage goodnites giveaway.

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    Nappies with tapes that were marketed towards the over 3s

    Ive tried them - found them on ebay a few years ago. Comparable to a size 7 pampers, and sligtly better constructions/less prone to separation. Good squish when wet edit...
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    Size 7 Baby Dry Pants

    Correct. I have tested them, and they are NOT stretchy at all.
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    Do we have an 'icon'

    OP actually called Seth mostly! Mature :ROFLMAO:
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    Little for big - little dreamers

    they’re some of my favorite personally. I love the way they swell, squish, and how perfectly smooth and silky the plastic feels.
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    Announcing ABU Size S/M (Schmedium?)

    This size is amazing. It’s nice and tight on me - and has enough room for when they swell up. Wore half a pack last weekend - and enjoyed every single dip.