1. BayB8

    Abena M4 Question

    is Abena Abri-Form M4 Fitted Brief, Medium, 14 Count the same as Abena Abri-Form Briefs, X-Plus, Medium, Case/42 (3/14s). I bought a pack of the 14 count M4s and I LOVE the. I wanted to get a case but the only case on amazon says x-plus. is there a difference or are they the same? they use...
  2. tiny

    Are these the old plastic-backed Abena M4s? Are they still available in the UK?

    My stockpile of the old plastic-backed Abena Abri-Form M4s is getting low and I was wondering whether I'm still in time to buy some before they disappear and are replaced by the Comfort/Premium lines...? I got them from Dorset Nursing Supplies before, and it looks like these (see below) are the...
  3. B

    Diapers in norway

    I'm writing this thread in English so everyone understands what I'm looking for! Well, as most of you know, Norway is a pretty small country, socialist-country btw. So there are a lot of regulations regarding medical-things - for instance incontinence diapers. So, what am I looking for? Good...
  4. Alpha

    Has Abena abri-form x-plus changed?

    A few weeks ago I finally decided I'm going to step into the realm of the "better" diaper bracket. I started using depend, into tena, then into Prevail PM (which was actually quite good for the price of 16 for $10). I read and read and came down to Abena x-plus vs bambino. Effectively it came...
  5. S

    Abena X-plus, Tranquility ATN

    Who has tried these? Which is noisier? How many people told there parents and get changed by option or by force from parents? Anything else I need to know about these diapers? [no contact information in public forums - please put them into your profile!]