1. S

    new Wisconsin member

    i just joined. i am a daddy to my adult baby wife. im new to all of this and trying to learn more as a good daddy
  2. crybabydustin

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Thanks for looking. Some information about me. I do live in Wisconsin, enjoy it...nice and quiet living by Lake Michigan. I am 36 years old, average height and build. I love technology, photography and video editing. I love the Bears, even though I'm in Packer Land. Go Cubs.... I am sorta a...
  3. M

    Hello From Milwaukee!

    Hello all, I am a diaper lover from Milwaukee, and I used to be a bed wetter. I wet the bed from when I was born, all the way up to when I was 12. I lost touch with diapers until I was 16; then I fell in love with them all over again. Here I am, 22, and going to college. Just thought I would...
  4. H


    hey anyone live in wisconsin? what about the madison area?