wearing in public

  1. R

    Update! Sent to my class to a theme-park while wearing... :/

    Well, if you've read my former post, I seeked wearing tips to not get spotted. But anyways! We went to copenhagen, where we just walked around for some hours. For that, I were just wearing a pull-up, that I didn't end up using... After we were about to enter the theme-park, I decided to go to a...
  2. lonnie

    When was the first time you got caught wearing a diaper?

    So to start this out, the first time I was caught wearing a diaper was when I was still a child, beyond potty training years, I belive it was back during the summer of 1973 when I was 7 going on 8. I was still stuffing baby diapers in my underwear, we lived on a farm, and we where out in the...