1. Cthulhu

    Cosidering wearing to a temporary workplace

    I'm employed by a company that ''lends'' me out to other companies, so i don't work at the same place year after year (i hope you understand what i'm trying to describe). I'm working at a new place this week (starting tomorrow), before going back to where i've been working for almost a year now...
  2. T

    Is it OK to wear diapers under swimming trunks in public?

    I'm about to un-train myself (urine), and I'm gathering some information. In case someone is IC, he has to wear diapers basically 24/7, right? Now that means that later on, in summer time when I go out to beach, it also applies there when I am not in water. Probably there will be other people...
  3. H

    How to put it...?

    So my girlfriend is aware of my DL side and how it chills me out, I told her I never expect or require that she ever wear diapers with me, but I'm wondering if I should ask if she would be down to wear for an evening with me to just chill out (nothing sexual). I've been thinking about this for...
  4. D

    why do you wear diapers?

    well, i think that because my parents divorced when i was 4 and i had a terrible leg breaking accident two years later, i just never got to be a true little boy. ;( I still can't be, because the leg. I hate it. So, I think i like it because i want to go back and change that part of my life. I...
  5. PetPuppyAlex

    How long do you keep your diaper on after use?

    :] If I'm wet, Ill probably keep it on all day and most likely sleep in it as well, regardless of who I'm around. A lot of people say they don't like when it gets hot and saggy. That's the best part to me! If I've messed and have the whole day to myself, I'll keep it on all day until someone...
  6. P

    What do you like to drink when you wear diapers?

    I just drink what I normall drink (soda/water...Not together :bleh: )