1. KrazyBaby

    Problems with throwing away disposables / are cloth nappies the way forward?

    Hello! I live in the UK and in the area I live in we have strict rubbish (trash) collection rules. Our general household waste is collected once a week and we have a small bin, this bin has to have its lid closed to be collected and the binmen will not take any additional bags. I live with my...
  2. tiny

    No nappy collection for the over 3s!

    Apparently, Anglesey Council are switching to a three-weekly rubbish collection. Obviously, the people most opposed to that idea would be parents of young children who don't want used nappies lingering around. So, the council has promised a two-weekly nappy collection... but only if you can...
  3. WaffleTear

    Disposal problem

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. I just moved to a new house and I live with my parents. I was thinking everything would work out the way it used to but I was wrong. Where I once lived before there was garbage and recycling pick up weekly and we had a big garbage can so this was never...
  4. cheekymonkeys88

    Taking Out The Trash

    So basically the other day I was taking out the trash bag. There were about 6 used (wet only) nappies in there along with other normal everyday trash. I live alone and this is the first time I have thrown nappies away with my other trash (would normally dispose of them secretly one at a time)...
  5. Kid

    Forgetting Trash Day

    Ok this story may identify me; however, I cannot be the only one with this type of story. Recently, I got home late one night, changed and off to bed. Well the next morning I heard the Trash Truck doing his rounds. I had forgot to take the trashcan to the street/dumpster and ran up to meet...