1. terrynappi

    It has been a while.....but no terry nappies make me a dull boy.....so vanilla..not me

    Hi i still love terry towelling nappies and rubber pants....and i love to fill them with custard/cakes....and i love to throw a custard pie at a rain cover...would love a girl to do this to me....can always hope..... p.s how do u get terries white again after chocolate cake....?
  2. N

    Being Well Padded !

    Does anyone else like the feeling of extremely thick nappies? I have always worn varios nappies for bedwetting, usually Tena Slip Maxi or Molicare Super, but having ran out last week, I had to resort to some spare shaped nappies without tapes. What I done was to put one inside a pair of Abena...