1. BusterBunny

    Finding Out Quite Late?

    Hey guys, this is gonna be somewhere between a monologue about how I found out I was ABDL and an ask, so bear with me! I actually found out quite late in the game, unlike some of you who found an interest in padding and being a baby around early childhood to early teens, I found out at around...
  2. C

    Story Time ( How did YOU get the chance to start wearing again )

    So this is my first thread I'm hope to hear back from some of you ... I love Stories lol :smile1: but here's mine ... So as long as I can remember I've been out of diapers, but I've always had an interest in them ... I think I was out of them before 2, my parents did a good job but I had some...
  3. Eclipse

    Bedtime Stories

    I have recently got into the idea of bedtime stories being read while in bed in my pjs while being read a story or told a story. It is a very toddlerish thing to put into roleplay. I had a baby girl I met on diap-er space a while before I came back, and I read her a bedtime story a few times on...