1. MotoX

    My desire to wear diapers is gone

    Hey, haven't been here for awhile and probably won't be on much more but I wanted to post this here. I am what I would call, a former Diaper Lover. I had a desire for wearing diapers since.....well, ever since I can remember. Now I have done the whole purge thing so I know that this isn't it. I...
  2. jter42

    Tips to cut down on wet nights, and leaks.

    Hey I just wanted to ask, Anybody know any tricks to cut down on the number of wet nights you have? I'm really trying to start becoming more proactive at ending my bed-wetting problem. It's come back as of a few months ago due to stress, and it's driving me mad. I'm up to about 4/7 wet nights a...
  3. Littleabgirl

    Need help to stop

    Hey bABies and DL's, Basically, for various reasons (relationship, etc) I need to stop my AB play for a while. So not even wearing at night. If I was on a 'purge' then this would be fine and easy. But i'm not. I don't feel ready to give up at the moment but it would be healthier for me to do...