regression therapy

  1. Littleabgirl

    If regression was possible...?

    (Sorry if this has been done before :sweatdrop: ) So, as the title states; If regression was possible, would you do it? So, would you either be, Physically regressed into a baby/toddler's body and have the mental capacity of a baby/toddler or, Physically regressed into the body of a...
  2. H

    FINALLY AN ACTUAL LICENSED COUSELOR/MOMMY! and she is'....licesed with the board of mental health

    Is this the beginning of a new era? An actual "LICENSED" mental health professional who incorporates age play into her therapy? WOW! And the best part is that she is just minutes from were I live. I almost had a heart attak when I saw this on craigslist! I had to share it with you all...