1. GreenieTheFilly

    Tips on Sleeping in a Tape-On

    ok, so I've started sleeping in diapers every night, and I decided to take it a step up from pull up style diapers to tape on style diapers. Here's my issue: I can never get the damn things to stay on. The tabs are Velcro style, and they stay affixed during the day, but night-time is damn near...
  2. Dustysniper29

    Problems acquiring diapers

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I wanted to ask you guys a question. I live in Florida and I have a pretty small waist size (30") and I've been looking all over to find some tab style diapers without buying online bc my roommate will find out. Any suggestions on how I can get some? Thanks - - -...
  3. D

    "My Journey To Diapers Started When". (All stories welcome)

    My journey to diapers started when I was 13. I seldom had an accident. Often a mistake of forgetting, stress, you name it. But when I was 13, this was my last year of middle school and I fought my way past the bastards already. I was faint considering my near future. I never took kindly to...
  4. pullupjoys

    Pull-up Question...but different

    And yes it is different than the current thread that is happening. Tis the reason why I have started another on.....:thumbsup: While it is only recently that I have totally come out about my diaper and wetting passion, which now includes wearing a pullup everyday, I have run into a very...
  5. S

    just saying hey

    hey im phil i only recently started this i don't know much about this hoping to talk to others and make friends and meet others like me. i came to this web site hoping for support about this. I repressed this all my life but after doing a personal development course i wish to accept myself...
  6. skunk053

    Kindle fire problem

    My kindle fire had the 6.2.1 update when I rooted it, and I installed the (then) Android market. So all goes well, then Amazon pushed out the 6.2.2 update and removed the rooting I had done. Nothing really major. Now onto the problem, I recently updated the Amazon Kindle app from the Android...
  7. daddyslilprincess

    problem with wearing pull ups and being very active

    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone else has a the same probem with your pull up/diaper when u either wear them at home or out in public. I wear goodnites l/xl out in public usually and a lot when I'm at home. But the problem I'm having with them is they always ride up when I'm walking a lot...
  8. L

    See problems as an Alchemist

    I'd like to present a philosophy that I've been thinking about for a while. It's based on books and other material that I've been reading over the past months. It's about managing your problems. Let me hear what you think of it. (Sorry for the looooong post) One common thing for all humans in...
  9. B

    Post Counter Not Working

    Hey there. post counter decided not to work today. I've posted five posts, but my counter is staying at 20. :damnpc: this something that normally happens and I'm just being a n00b today, or something else?