1. M

    ABU Preschool

    So Casey, when are you going to let us 'insiders' get some sneak peeks at the new preschool diapers/pullups? Also, I wouldn't mind some sort of update on the pacifiers and onesies that were spoken of during the presentation at the start of the summer. :)
  2. KittyninjaW

    Has anyone else seen this on YouTube!!!

    So I was on YouTube looking for anime videos, when I saw this video online.The $1000 Adult Pre-School: New Yorkers Rediscove…: My thing is what do you think of it, if you can afford it.
  3. LilDavid

    Finished Zander's Beach Day

    Zander's Beach Day It was a warm sunny day on the Gulf Coast of Florida as the sunlight filtered through a the window of the TV room. On the floor fast asleep on a changing pad covered with a baby blue light woollen blanket laid a young boy no more than 3 and a half years old. This was his Aunt...
  4. D


    can anyone recommend and good ps3 games that are meant for toddler/pre schoolers/young kids?