1. T

    Favorite thing to be doing if you know your going to mess.

    So, If you know your going to mess soon, be it natural or laxative induced... what do you try to move towards doing for when it hits? Myself, I like to be cleaning something, doing dishes, folding laundry, something like that when I mess. I always finish my task, even after messing, that way i...
  2. R

    Recommended Diapers?

    So, I just wanted your opinion on which diapers are the best for the following situations: Pee... Poo... Both... I just want to know. I do realize that "Pee" will get the most recommendations, but please try to answer the others if you can. Whether or not they have designs on them also does...
  3. kaz

    Diaper rash?

    I know wht it is but I don't know wht it feels like... I've slept In messy diaper once... (hey we all get curiouse) and I don't use any cream I just use baby powder so I wont chafe. Maybe it's because I'm native American? I don't know but I was wondering if there other like me that don't know...