pants wetting

  1. R

    Do you like to wet your pants?

    I must say, that even though a diaper feels amazing! And given the fact that I'd go 24/7 if I could... I still kind of like to just take some underwear that I don't really care about, just sit on a towel in my chair- or in the shower, and just pee. I don't know, but do anyone else enjoy this...
  2. W

    has anyone ben caught in the middle of wetting your diaper or pants by their parents?

    Has anyone here ever get caught by your parents in the middle of you wetting your diaper or pants? Or has anyone ever gotten caught wetting their swimsuit inside or outside of water?
  3. M

    Classifying ourselves

    I'm never quite sure about what category I fit into. With a lot of the categories there is some cross-over. I'm a bed and pants wetter and like but am not exclusively into diapers. So I guess I'm a DL dabbler although not a lifestyle DL guy, although I'm fascinated by the idea of it. I'm not an...
  4. E

    Best Friends Make the Best Big Brothers

    Hi, ok this is like my first time sharing a story, so I hope I'm doing this right. This is a sorta fantasy story based around my own life (or at least how I wish it). It will be heavy in wetting scenes -- or at least that is my intention -- there will be diapering scenes, and baby/big brother...
  5. kennyrallen

    Why didn't I want to accept what was really going on.

    First let me say that I have been wetting my pants for a few years and not really realizing it. Not like when I was Kid and my bladder would empty, this is more like little spurts that I haven't realized was happening, not enough to show though my outside pants but enough to keep my underwear...