goodnites trufit

  1. PaddedWife

    goodnites true fit

    just wondering what size waste these will work for if anyone has an idea
  2. TheTapedCrusader

    Goodnites Tru-fit

    Holy crap. So, I finally broke down this week and bought the new Goodnites Tru-fit starter kit and some additional pads. I bought the girls one because A) they are cuter and B) I didnt want to walk up to the front with the ones for guys since I look 16. So I got them home and tried them on and...
  3. T

    Goodnites Trufit first impressions

    I just got the starter pack of Goodnites Trufit. Overall, they are a little snug, but they don't cause any lines on my body, so they are not too tight. After testing out (both ways), the pad insert holds a decent amount, and it actually held ALL of the pee when I wet it while sitting down, and...