1. WDDash

    Walmart Parents' Choice Diapers

    So I was at a Walmart today and found this brand and found out with some searching it's a Walmart diaper brand. I heard some good things about it and gave it a try. They apparently sell "bedwetting diapers". I mean most good stuff is about Goodnites, but personally, I find that they aren't...
  2. Karoshen

    Generically Diapered

    Hey whats up babes and fashion entrepreneurs i'm new here and just wanted to say hi and open with a poll. What is your favorite generics disposable diaper and why. Mine are CVS overnight briefs. there comfortable hold together and are the right price..( i don't work for cvs) Thanks all.
  3. E

    Walgreens New Certanty Diapers

    Today I was looking for the New Depends Shields I went to my local walgreens and low and behold They have a (generic Depend Shilouette) that comes in a cardbord box just like the realfits and Shilouettes I only saw for women has anybody seen these I am going to go back and take some pictures.
  4. BabyRaimuneko

    Warning about storebrand and generic diapers!

    Ok, so I have very sensitive skin and found that I was allergic to something in most generic diapers, but I have NEVER had a worse reaction than with the CVS brand. Pretty much what happened was I decided to give them a try, seeing as they looked pretty harmless and I was trying to save some...