friendship request

  1. A

    Hello from Missouri

    Hi im new from Rolla/St James, MO. anyone near me? id love to meet other abdls and make friends
  2. M

    New to the AB/DL community

    Hi, I'm not new to being a DL but I'm actually shy about meeting some new people in the AB/DL community. I mean I suppose its okay (as long as its safe to trust one another that is), I've never had friends who are AB/DL so this is my very first time, & I'm fixing to turn 20 soon. So is their...
  3. Angellothefox

    Question about the Friend request?

    Question about the Friend request? If someone sends me a friend request how do I accept? Do I click on the tick box and press save changes?
  4. B

    Hi from Brisbane :)

    Hey all, I'm 21 from Brisbane in Queensland Australia. I'm just an average guy. I life a mostly normal life but I have been pooping my underwear one and off since I was 13 every now and then. Have recently tried drynites and their cool :) So, a bit about me, I'm straight, but hoping to meet...
  5. yourhuggies

    I need friends :(

    I have been a member of adisc for almost a year now, and I only have one friend. I have posted alot, and I talk to many of you, but no one ever asked me to friend them, whats up with that? If you dont think im being to whiny, add me as a friend, I feel lonely man!
  6. Pramrider

    Need Help w/Friendship Request

    Sounding like a newbie here, but how do you send a friendship request to someone - never done it before? I went to the user CP and selected "contacts and friends", but this is where it gets confusing. I know to put the person's username in the box at the bottom, however am I to select "Add...