1. xtrabulk

    Drycare v A+: Econ 101?

    So. I've finally got my case of Drycare, along with a case of XP Meds diapers. Now, I frequently, um...shart...and my previous favorite diaper, the XPs, well, they're cheap, but when I'd remove them to clean up, I'd pretty much waste a diaper. With the 27s, and their dual tape setup, I can...
  2. H

    Urinary Tract Infections

    Hey guys, I'll mess about maybe once or twice a month and when I do, often I'll find when I'm changing that there's fecal matter on my genitals, even on the pee hole. Is this cause for alarm of a UTI? There's a lot of germs in feces, so how do those of you who do mess deal with this issue and...
  3. leffykit

    back leakage

    pretty sure this is where it should be. I've been uhming and ahhing about posting this as it may be nothing but its got me a little concerned lately. Recently, like the last 3 months or so Ive been waking up to something I'd rather not, first of all I am gay so that does have its implications...