1. B

    English language as a need to achvieve little headspace?!

    Hello everyone, I've realized that the english language makes me feel little. As crazy as it sounds at first it's is actually logical. You know the saying: With every language you master- new personality is born. I'm not a native english speaker so it's easy to understand that my little side was...
  2. B

    Wish me luck

    I'm about to do a graduation test from english language- B2 level. Wish me luck. I'm a bit nervous. Actually I want to know how well would a native speaker do in the test. Any volunteer? :D
  3. macabre

    Pet Peeves

    So I realized today that I have a pet peeve that I hadn't realized before this. This was rather odd, becuase I while I am urked by many things, I had never really realized this one. This one being a general loathing for people who are native to a region to not know that places idioms. Now, I...