1. M

    How are Goodnites delivered?

    I was considering ordering Goodnites from Amazon, and it says discreet packaging, but it doesn't really show any pictures of the box. What's the box look like, and If I order something else with it, will they put it in that box?
  2. M

    Post office collection?

    This is my first post here so hello everyone and happy new year! I am fairly new to diapers and have only bought a few from my local shops but i'd like to buy some online. Because i still live at home I really don't want my family finding out, does anyone know of a UK based website that delivers...
  3. H

    UK ordering online

    I need some tips mainly with delivery for ordering online. I've ordered online once before from incontinence choice and managed to get it delivered because my mother went away for a long weekend. I've heard of poste restante but i'm not sure if i can use it for large packages. I am thinking...
  4. TyphaHare

    Save Express Shipping Questions!

    I want to order from Save Express, but I have never used the shipping options they offer... I think!? They're some sort of courier options and uh.. durp.. how do I use those services!? I feel SO DUMB ASKING :''D But! I live in the middle of nowhere and if I miss the courier, and have to go get...
  5. D

    An awkward delivery experience

    So I ordered 4 bags (1 case) of Cuddlz from the UK to be delivered to my door around week ago. This morning I got a call from the delivery guy, he said that the package has been damaged somewhat. He asked that would I like him to bring it to a post office for repackaging and delivered by...
  6. Dolphins2011

    My Friends Answered the Delivery for my Diapers!

    Ok, so recently I moved out of my dad's house and got my own 1 bedroom apartment. It's been pretty chill and all, and I knew ordering diapers would be easier than ever. I ordered a pack of Abri-form M3 (why get M4 when there's only 14 in the pack vs 22 in M3?) from XP medical. I must say, XP...
  7. Drypered


    I want to order a Bambino sample or some Walgreens sleep pants or goodnites from NorthShore Care Supply now that I have my credit card, but the only thing stopping me is when it will arrive at my house. Is there a way to set a date and time it will come, and what the delivery guy will do when it...
  8. Pramrider

    Doorstep Diaper Service

    How many of you remember the cloth diaper services that used to operate in most urban areas? I say *remember* because I don't know if any still exist with the vast majority of households using disposables in the US. They were still around in Baltimore as late as the mid-1970s because a friend of...