1. Sitherus

    facebook video find diaper bet

    https://www.facebook.com/772930132793186/videos/981218518631012/ this would be my dream "see ya later diaper boy!"
  2. C

    Fun and Safe Diapered Activities

    Hey everyone! So often, I see overeager young ABDLs searching for fun things to do in diapers. The only problem with this is that so many of the ideas they have or are given cross the line between harmless fun and harmful fun (messing at home vs messing in a train car, natural messing vs...
  3. Rosalina

    Diaper lover?

    Ok, so my boyfriend is going along with the dare ( http://www.adisc.org/forum/diaper-talk/29351-diaper-dare.html ) and he loves seeing me in baby diapers, he thinks its cute. I have pampers cruisers with sesame street on them. He thinks I look so adorable in them he has me send pictures. Does...