1. bambinod

    What's the loudest (most crinkly) diaper you've ever tried?

    A recent thread was discussing crinkly diapers and I got to thinking, "I don't recall seeing a poll for this?" So here we go! I'm going to list diapers with identical models (but different prints) grouped together because they should be the same loudness. Also, plastic-backed seem to get...
  2. SoggyGolfer

    Do thin diapers do "it" for you?

    I'm a life long DL born in the late 60's during the boom of the first disposable Pampers. After many years of trial and error I've discovered that I desire and get the most satisfaction out of diapers that are Thick, Crinkly, and All White. My top choice is Rearz Inspire Nighttime because they...
  3. D

    New to diapers - I'm trying to find the most comfortable but don't know where to go

    Hello there...I am a little girl who is new to diapers and interested in wearing diapers for comfort and protection. I really want to wear the most big and crinkly ones that also look cute. I heard that there are diapers made specifically for adult babies which might be what i'm looking for but...