1. SeaLionMan1982

    I'm a new poster

    Hi I have IBS-A which means sometimes I have diarrhea sometimes constipation although the thought of wearing diapers as a turn on does appeal to me. I don't currently wear diapers normally but have worn pull ups before. Professionally I work in IT, I don't really want to go into anymore than...
  2. tiny

    When computers make easy stuff almost impossible!

    Do you ever have one of those days where you spend hours trying to get your computer to do something that should be possible in a single click?! All I wanted to do was copy a single file from my Android phone to my PC. Simple, right? Ohhhh no it wasn't! What would you do? I thought I'd...
  3. Talula

    Question about teamspeak?

    Hello there! I've always been on IRC, although I admit I come and go a lot. I thought I'd give teamspeak a wee go this evening, but I followed the link to get to download a client and it offered me so many options I really have no idea which one to download. I've got a chromebook. What...
  4. Milko

    Backup and Archiving Formats?

    I know Pamperchu started a thread like this a few years ago but I wanted to post a similar one so new users like me (or people who didn't catch his old thread back in 2012) could provide their input. For me, I have 2 80GB drives in my mac which are backed up by using Carbon Copy Cloner...
  5. T

    Your Top 3 Games EVER

    There are some games that stick out to us throughout our gaming lives. Which 5 games have stuck out to you more than others? Here are my three. 3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The Top of the GTA's in my game life. 2. Stronghold Crusader (1). Favorite RTS game of all time. 1. Dead Space (2 &...
  6. MatalicPebble

    Any linux fans?

    I am using windows at the moment but I use Ubuntu a lot more than I use windows due to the ability to customize the deepest parts of the system. I am still learning how to work it through Terminal (Command line) but I am slowly getting there. My ultimate project is to build an operating system...
  7. leffykit

    SB trouble

    Having a lot of problems with the southbridge on my mobo lately, its a fairly old rig in tech terms (had it for 4 years nearly). was always fine even OC'd but in the last 2 weeks I've not only had to drop everything back to stock but also had to keep the side of the chasis off, with desk fans...
  8. ShippoFox

    Which processor is better?

    Processor one... AMD Phenom II Quad-Core N970(2.2GHz) Processor two... Intel Core i5 480M(2.66GHz) The AMD has 4 cores, but lower clock speed. The Intel has 2 cores, but a higher clock speed. What one is better and why? Processors were verrrrry easy to understand when the only thing that...
  9. h3g3l

    Computer crashing messages and their philosophical implications

    [General-purpose] Computers crash sometimes. How they deal with relaying this to the user is the interesting bit, and the subject of this thread. Thinking over my years of computer use, there are a few stand-out examples: Apple Classic's BOM (Sad-Mac) messages - these pretty much spelled...
  10. Hex

    Looking for a new linux distro

    For the last 6 months, I've been on Ubuntu for my main Linux system. Now ubuntu's great and all, but it has some weaknesses. The repos suck big time (I've had to manually install some software to get the latest versions), and at least for me, the graphics card drivers need some work. So, I'm...
  11. Hex

    Favourite Programming Language?

    This is a remake of a thread I made almost a year and a half ago. For those of you who program, what is your favorite programming language? Why? My opinions: This time last year, my answer was PHP. While I still like PHP, it's been knocked off the top spot by C#, which has a good mix of the...
  12. Mesmerale

    Primary: Computer Information and Tutorial // Sub: How to build a computer

    So, as this thing says, I need a little help. I know that there's the "Building a Computer" thread by the late DarkSunDS, but I found myself asking over and over again as I read. "What's that thing do?" "What does that mean?" "What???" So I decided to make this thread, which I hope will...
  13. Hex

    Tip for web developers regarding computer speed

    If you do development of web applications and your computer is slow to boot, you might want to stop some of the services of your testing servers and things from running automatically. I got a new Vista laptop a few weeks back and it booted in about 10 seconds. Then I installed all my web stuff...
  14. Vladimir

    QuickBasic - Roulette Program Help

    Damn... Nevermind, I fixed the problem.
  15. Fire2box

    New Video Card and PSU

    Well I just installed my new video card. Its a Nvidia 8800 GT with 512 MB of RAM and its "super clocked". I just ran Doom 3 maxed out, HL2:EP2 maxed out. All my games are able to be maxed out at 1280x1024 res and its not even really slowing down the 8800 or my 2.2Ghz processor. So anyways I...