1. DLinSecret

    Diapers That Bleed Ink

    I’ve seen a lot of people reference the new MegaMax colors as Diapers who’s ink does not bleed. Makes me wonder which diapers agave colors/ patterns which bleed.
  2. NorthShoreAdam

    NorthShore Supreme Lite Colors Pre-Stash is In!

    We'll be shipping the bags to the "guess the color" contest winners on Tuesday December 18th. There are still two that haven't responded with address info. Check your ADISC inbox for details if you were one of the winners. Before tonight, I had only seen a purple one in person and thought it...
  3. NorthShoreAdam

    Guess the New Supreme Lite Colors & Win a Free Bag from Pre-Stash*

    Happy to announce our designs are now finalized for the new color options of the NorthShore Supreme Lite Briefs! We're on track to have these available for sale in about 90 days...i.e. before the end of 2018 if all goes well. There will be 3 new colors produced initially, and in sizes Medium...
  4. Sitherus

    I designed a diaper.

    I designed a diaper now someone should make it and send me a case. if the diaper goes viral in the marketing id want at the least credit and a discount of them. :smile1: Anyways... this is it tell me what you think!
  5. D

    Looking for a new type of nappy

    Hey Everyone :) I should probably start off with saying why I am here :P Basically I am looking for a new nappy as you can probably tell from the title. I currently wear one every night and quite frequently during the day. Currently I wear Drynites, however (despite being pretty skinny, about...
  6. Ian16545

    Ideas for ABU after the first survey

    Now that the current ABU survey is over (see this thread), what other diaper patterns would you like to see ABUniverse try? (besides "Sissy/Girly" and the other survey choices) My personal pick is rainbow colors (e.g. a 10-pack can be one color, or assorted colors) with bigger single-sided...
  7. Dash

    Suggestion vBulletin Custom Colour Schemes? =)

    Alrighty dudes and dudettes, Firstly, yes it is colour... we invented the language, a'thank you :tongueout: Second, I apologise if the question has already been asked. On a serious note, after nearly five years, I have just discovered the drop-down "style chooser" menu at the footer of the...
  8. ziaperdiaper

    I'm still here:P

    Glad to be here. went under. :( That was like a home for me. But This place has a great chat network:) Also started a new group called Cray O la Crayon Peeps. Check it out:P If you like to color or draw, paint or scratch this is the place for you:) In short this is my new...
  9. betagame

    What Is You Favorite Color?

    I thought it would be great if everyone voted their favorite color.
  10. betagame

    What Is Your Favorite Color?

    Roy G. Biv