1. SecretlyABDL94

    Is it Safe/Sanitary to Wear a Diaper, Take it Off, Put it Under my Mattress, and Put it Back on Next Time I'm Home Alone?

    Ok so here is my sitch, I'm a Diaper Lover who pefers ABU, Bambino Rearz, etc. Diapers over Depend, Abena, Attends, -Per-Fit etc. However, I am in college but still living at home so, obviously I can't be Diapered all the time, and I have to hide my Diapers from my family. The way I do it is I...
  2. Angellothefox

    01/05/18 I gave my nappies/diapers to charity

    On the 01/05/18 I took out my nappies/diapers from my car boot because I am selling my car. Because of that, I have less room in my bedroom now. It looks more like a tip, and do not let Grandma see all this! :laugh: I was waiting for my new HDMI TV to arrive. It has one scart socket as well as...
  3. P

    Coming back after a long hiatus.

    Hello everyone. My name is Christian or Chrissy. I'm 24. I'm from the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. I've been offline for quite sometime now and in just getting back into the scene. Most likely permanently now. Diapers always have been life. I left mainly due to being nuisance to society...
  4. Cthulhu

    Is shaving back there a good idea?

    I will be home alone for a week starting tomorrow (first time wearing in 5 months!), so i will be wearing every night and as much as possible during the days. It's impossible for me to clean up after #2 without taking a shower, because of the hair back there. I've thought about shaving, but i'm...
  5. B

    How do you clean a dummy

    So, I recently purchased my first dummy and after a few days stopped using it for multiple reasons, primarily because I know that they can quickly get covered in germs. So, what is the safest and easiest way to clean a dummy? It has been quite a while of it just sitting on my desk and I am too...
  6. ArtikSnow

    How to make baby wipes.

    Hey all id like to share this with you all and i hope this helps. ^^ Baby wipes can be expensive if you got to keep going out and buying them am i right? Some just turn to using wash cloths or even the shower trick. But you can make your own baby wipes. What you will need to make them. 1: A...