1. H

    "Hello" from Chicago

    Greetings, everyone! I could write you a long introduction that tells the story of when I first wore, and that I hid them for years and was petrified some snoop would out me. That I've wasted too much money buying and throwing away and feeling ashamed. But we all know this, and I'd rather tell...
  2. Rufusc24

    Hello from Chicago

    I am a DL with some incontinence. The incontinence introduced me to diapers. Even though I am pretty dry, I still like to wear them.
  3. S

    Hi everyone

    Howdy, Well were to begin......well I got tattoos and piercings, a fan of the Mohawk and love me some video games. But in depth well I am a Navy Veteran, sail a bit around the world and traveled on my around to. I can be shy, but open up real quick. In bit of a pickle and hope to get some...
  4. S

    New baby girl!(: me(:

    Hi guys I'm new! 18 and living and in the us! Mid west area(: I would like to meet new friends!! I would also like to say I'm a diaper lover. They are my security blanket if you will! I wouldn't mind a nice bottle and paci but that's only sometimes when I feel really little. I need advice on how...
  5. Zazi

    Alone in a big city, or just paranoid?

    I am an 18 y/o living just outside of Chicago. The Chicagoland area has a population of 10 million people, so why do I get the feeling I am the only AB/DL here? Every other site I have been on makes it seem like the only other ABs or DLs in Illinois are all middle aged sex crazed lunatics...
  6. C

    A Nice Midwestern Diaper Boy in Chicago With Big Bro/Daddy Tendencies :)

    Hey everyone! I don't know why I haven't registered and been active on this site before. I've been a member of several other online diaper communities for several years. I am a nice Midwestern boy who travels to both coasts with some regular frequency. I've been wearing since I was 15 and have...