1. Slomo

    Urinary Sphincterotomy

    Well for some reason my last thread here was closed. So I'm making this thread as a continuation to it. It's been a while since I've made an update (not my fault really, my thread was closed on me...
  2. W

    isle of wight united kingdom

    Hi every one :) I'm a diaper lover living on the isle of wight, feeling very isolated in my addiction and would love chat with other diaper lovers in portsmouth southampton and esspecially the isle of wight.
  3. P

    Wearing catheter and diaper to gym / doing sports?

    Hi! I am new to this site. I am 23. I am now doing bodybuilding and I go to the gym everyday. I am now wondering whether it is appropriate to wear both catheters and diapers while I am working out. Will there be any sound? Is it uncomfortable, or is it thrilling? Where can I change my catheter...
  4. S

    I hate rules... especially ones that force me to do things I don't want to...

    I wear diapers becuase people don't think I should ! I like it becuase most people don't. I like being opposite from everyone else. So making me do this post is really against my protocols. I'm an adult who finds it very convenient to wear diapers when I travel or when I have lots to do on...
  5. ibeadorkable

    Diapers or self-catheterization while at school?

    I am either at school for class or there for work every day of the week. When I am working it's a little easier to excuse myself. I have all of my "supplies" in a small green Hello Kitty tote from Target that people always think is so cute. It's still really difficult & rather painful for me to...