1. Poofybutt

    Some Diaps Thicker Than Others

    So, I'm unwinding for the evening, in baby mode for the first time in a couple of weeks. I'm wearing a Kiddo, but for some reason the one I picked out and put on seems thicker than the other ones in the pack and a fair deal thicker than any of the other Kiddos I've worn in the past. Now, the...
  2. G

    how to manage about the smell in fecal icontinence

    When I have a mayor accident in my diaper while I'm at my home, it's ok. But when I have a poop in my diaper while out of home, the smell makes me feel embarased and to avoid being to near to other people who could notice the smell and then of course take a closer look at me and notice the bulk...
  3. Sitherus

    Looking for a specific diaper

    I've tried allot of disposables, but i Want to try some cloth diapers, and I have a preference although i don't know if it exists. Here's what I want, I want to find a diaper that is thick and bulky that fits me right and is soft to emulate a diaper. I want to sleep in it not to use it but to...
  4. BabyRyu

    A big story on bigger diapers

    **HEY YOU! I know that this is a long post, (I have a lot on my mind about this whole thing!) If you don't feel like reading the whole thing I understand, so I left stars by the question(s) I ask at the end so that you can still help out! Thanks! <3 Hello my fellow AB/DLs ^ - ^ Well I must...
  5. kalynnharvey

    Diapers in Public

    I want to wear diapers in public. Im not worried about anybody noticing. How many should I wear at once to produce a small bulk?
  6. kalynnharvey

    Layering diapers? PLZ HELP!!

    I don't have the thickest diapers out there. I have a few walgreens certainty briefs and some first quality briefs. How many should i wear altogether to make me feel very comfortable? I don't wet. I like the bulky feeling. Whats the max recommended wearing at once?