1. Pokogirl

    Using Sponge as Boosters

    Hello! I have been wearing diapers 24/7 for about 2 months and currently I wear only occasionally.I have been running low on my stash.I use tissue papers and absorbent washable clothes as boosters inside my diaper.They become wet quite easily(I enjoy the feeling though).When they do I just...
  2. SpAzpieSweeTot

    Could a girl review the Tranquility SmartCore Diaper & TopLiner Super-Plus Booster Contour & post back?

    Maybe "review," isn't the right word. It's more like, "try, while keeping an eye out for a few specific things, & tell me if you think they'd work for me." No need to actually go to the trouble of reviewing. The only reason I ask for a girl's opinion, is because I have girl parts. Love you guys...
  3. M

    Effect of booster on odor

    Hey all, I just managed to take a 6 hour flight in an abena m4 and made it ok, but was pretty darn damp near the end. I thought I was going to leak. I have to make the reverse trip back tomorrow as I'm just here on overnight business. All I have left now is a molicare super plus that I'm...
  4. xtrabulk

    Baby Cloth Soaker question

    Ok. I've heard a lot about using cloth soakers to distribute pee throughout the diaper. Problem is, I'm not sure where to place it. Aren't they a bit short? I'm a "grower," if that makes sense, and am wondering how and where to position the soaker to get the maximum distribution. Does my penis...
  5. bambinod

    bambino totaldry boosters gone?

    I went to reorder, I don't see them on their store anymore. Those worked really well and were a really good value ("cheap") - I've emailed them asking but before that reply, does anyone know what may have happened there? or where to them them now? update 7/12: That looks like a "we sold...