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    Well here im am stuck at work with a snow storm going on never scene this comming im diapered i have tights on under my pants (great for warmth and just make legs feel good) and my boss is in the his office not to far from where im at.

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    The risk was when i went to the locker room showered re diapered and got dressed i was just waiting for someone to come and catch me in a diaper and putting on tights

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    If you're on the east coast, we've all been warned about the storm for at least a week. I have a foot of snow in my yard and probably will get another foot before it's over. If you're in the same storm, I hope you get/got home safely. This one is going to be record setting.

    As for the diapers, yeah, almost getting caught is such a rush. I was in a diaper all day since I knew I wouldn't get any visitors. I enjoyed shoveling snow in my diaper, bib overalls, and Baby Pants dinosaur infant shirt. My wife raised her eyebrows when she saw me this morning and laughed. Of course, she bought me both the overalls and the shirt!

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    Good luck. Hopefully the storm won't be too bad. I know some parts of the east coast are about to get slammed. I've got a bunch of friends and family that have been posting on social media, that they are preparing for the worst.

    I'm not very into the thrill of getting / almost getting caught. I really don't like people to know that I'm wearing. But to each his own.

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