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Thread: ABDL/littles area

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    Default ABDL/littles area

    Me and my friends where talking about if someone was to set up an ABDL/little rec center in a way what all would you like to see there. Me and my fireds said pleanty of movies and arts and crafts but what else would you guys like to see there.

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    If it's a rec center, than things like swings, slides and maybe something like at McDonalds, turning into a maze. Also, a big sand box with toy trucks, bulldozers, etc.

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    Yea its a part rec center just a place for little to go and hang out and just act little

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    - ball pit (perfect, fun for all ages!)
    - finger painting
    - face painting
    - legos. lots and lots of legos
    - cartoons on a big screen
    - soft plush carpeting
    - some kind of quiet background music - I'm not sure what would be best, but put some thought into it
    - kids snacks (little bags of animal crackers, dried fruit or apple chips?) and drinks (juice boxes of course)
    - large name tags
    - place to put shoes and coats etc. maybe a pidgeonhole wall and a coat rack
    - short work tables that don't require chairs to sit at

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    Video games or board games would be nice. They don't have to be big kid games. They could be simple little kid games like shoots and ladders or matching games.

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    Thanks guys keep the idea comming and how about any idea for the littles that wear diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleabjames View Post
    Thanks guys keep the idea comming and how about any idea for the littles that wear diapers
    Being in diapers wouldn't affect the play areas, though of course any rec center should have a space with a changing table and plenty of supplies.

    I think a huge size play space with crawling areas, slides, and tunnels would be amazing though. Like those places people use for birthday parties where there are multiple levels and ladders/slides connecting different parts as well as nets and ropes for climbing between areas. Making that for adults would take a ton of space though, you'd need a two story building at least.

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    How mnay chaning tables should there be and should there be wipes and baby powder there or should people be expected to bring their own

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    A ball pit
    Tables for coloring and crafts

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