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Thread: ABDL Shop Carousel Mediums?

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    Default ABDL Shop Carousel Mediums?

    they've been out of stock forevvvver. This makes me sad. It's the best diaper I've ever worn. Anyone know anything about when and if they are coming back? They're so awesome! Even with the price increase.

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    I tried contacting the seller several times but have not received any replies. I saw a note somewhere that they were moving their sales to amazon, and I did find them there, but only selling by the bag, not by the case. I don't see them listed anymore however. It's possible they were selling off the last of their inventory from their initial manufacturing order and simply aren't going to do another run.

    It's a shame too, they're good diapers. Same fit as bambino but with much better capacity and a nice lightweight design on a white shell. They were pretty inexpensive too.

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    Very unfortunate. Guess I should have put my last one in a glass case rather than wear it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinda View Post
    Very unfortunate. Guess I should have put my last one in a glass case rather than wear it.
    I've got 6 bags left in my case

    Though I have this habit of not wanting to open bags of diapers I can't get anymore, so I've started amassing a "collection" of diapers that are out of production. Which is problematic for my stash... I have bags of these on-hand:

    - ABDLStore Carousel
    - Buntewindel Fabine White
    - Rearz Vintage
    - SaveExpress MyDiaper Night
    - Thrust Vector Crinklz (original)
    - Snuggies Waddlers

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