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Thread: So I get the "Warmth" feeling now.

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    Post So I get the "Warmth" feeling now.

    So yesterday I was given half of a trusted friends stash.
    He basically said, I don't like these; they are too snug on me.
    My friend had everything from the adult stuff to Medical Diapers/Depends/Baby Diapers(Adult) Sized.
    There was this brand called "Parents Choice, Boys Overnight training pants"
    I started to use these as fast as he left as I was so curious!
    I slipped em on size XL, It was snug. I had to open the leg cuffs a bit as I'm a big guy. So I went about my day.
    When I did it, WoW! I never understood that feeling, that so many on here; had mentioned
    until last night! It's like a burning feeling but after your not startled by it; it's more
    like taking microscopic bath moment. Ya know the warm bath water touching your skin.
    Is that what you folks all feel? It could also be the *Training* Pant designed to
    let me know I was, *Going*

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    I got that feeling a LOT in the last 6 months. I had a suprapubic catheter, but bags don't agree with me so I just let it drain into my diaper. With a catheter you truly have no idea when your are peeing or not. The surprise warm feeling is one of the best. So is realizing your diaper is soaked but you don't recall ever peeing.

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