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    It seems that since I have not been on this site for a while, there is an automatic process that converts me to a 'lurker'. Whilst I understand that for a website to function it requires participants, being perstered by a website to use same is kind of annoying and also a little intrusive. You asked me for an introduction again....

    Part of me is AB and incontinent, but as I have often commented on other sites, this does NOT define me, nor will I allow it to. As a result, there are other parts of my life where I tend to live - and some of that is in the 'real' world rather than a virtual website / forum filtered world.

    The action of the site and/or Moo seems similar to what I'd expect from a company trying to convince me / others to purchase from them. Moo, to what commercial advantage is it for me to use this site on a more regular basis? If there is none, is my presence of some personal advantage to you - ie are you lonely and need my presence if only as virtual?

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