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Thread: Idk about this

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    Default Idk about this

    I browsed on fetlife typed in the search bar baby diapers and they're is a fetish people take used diapers from garbages or nurserys and wear them and stuff I think it's gross would that stuff those people do be paedophilla or boarderline

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    Not only on fetlife there is folks who do that. But here and DD.

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    It's gross for sure and potentially a health hazard. However, it doesn't involve actual children, so it's still pretty plainly not pedophilia in a legal sense. The psychological sense seems more murky to me but in that it harms no child in any way, I don't worry over it. I just don't want it anywhere near me.

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    It's disgusting and full of bacteria plus you can't use it in anyway!

    I don't understand reusing used diapers, they feel icky after a few hours

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    I find it quite nasty as well. But I did get something positive out of something similar. I was walking home one night and found a pack of adult diapers on the trash. The pack was opened and possibly used as well, but it was the first time I saw diapers, other than in stores and on the internet. I roamed around the block pondering on whether to take them or not, but decided otherwise (thought the same as you). But that find was the last push that led me to buying my first pack of diapers.

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    can see then getting infections from that

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    That's just nasty and the most un-hygienic thing to do ewww just thinking about it but what I had to say was already said.

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    That's is nasty. And highly unhealthy. I mean those people are putting on kids used diapers. I can't even describe how disputing that is.

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    Yeah it's nasty. I won't even put my own diapers back on once they are wet

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