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Thread: The missing diaper?

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    Default The missing diaper?

    So last night I had a good few beers while entertaining myself at home, anyway when I went to sleep I was wearing my usual rig, plastic pants Onesie and a premium diapers, in this case a Betterdry.
    This morning when I woke I noticed the onesie had been popped open (not unusual as I sometimes open it for more room) The pants were in place but the diaper was gone.
    I got up, took a shower put another diaper for daytime on and had some breakfast, it was at that point I started to wonder what happened to the diaper, I've looked high and low in the apt. and its nowhere to be found, not in the bins, under the bed or anywhere!

    Very unusual, and a little troubling.


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    In your altered state, are you sure you put one on? You didn't flush it did you? Is it under the bed or way down at the foot of the bed under the covers?

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    Oh yeah I put one on, I wear 24/7, and after loading up on beer I'd certainly need one on.

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