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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Cool Hello everyone!

    I'm Mark and I have been fascinated with diapers since I was a teen and found a box of adult-sized disposables in the attic of a place we were living in. I have kept this buried for many years but I recently was in a Walmart and I couldn't resist buying a cheap bag of pull-ups which I hid in the closet. I do not completely understand why I like diapers but I do. I also suffer from Parkinson's but I have not developed incontinence from my condition.

    I also enjoy paper and pencil role-playing games--my #1 favorite is Talislanta and my #2 game is BECMI D&D. I'm also interested in writing--I have the skills but I'm working on just sitting down and writing.
    I suppose I'm here so I have a place where I can talk and get some support.
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    Hello PAddedDeist and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Hi also and welcome. What kind of stories do you enjoy writing. I have a novel on Kindle which is about a haunting, and I have several short stories on this site which are guessed it.....diapers.

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    Well, I published a creative nonfiction story Direct to Kindle. I have some short stories I wrote in college that need rewriting and expansion--mainly sci-fi and fantasy. I have not written any diaper stories but I am still coming to terms with my love of diapers.

    I have been working on a fan gaming resource for Talislanta but listing that right now would certainly ID me which I'm not completely comfortable with yet.

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    I also wouldn't mind getting back into geocaching...

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