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    Hey! Just curious as to if anyone knew of any good Prime Day deals for ABDL items since Amazon Prime Day is tomorrow. Could potentially be a good chance for discounted stuff! I'll be sure to post any if I see any while browsing, but figured this could be a good place for others to share things they stumble across as well!

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    Yeah they have a LOT on sale right now. A lot of it is under their lightning/hourly sales too though, so you need to check it often. It wouldn't surprise me if something abdl comes up sooner or later.

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    Did anything come up? I was checking often but didn't find much ABDL related.

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    I didn't find anything today. I needed some more Goodnites which I did order. I looked at a number of other things but nothing was advertised as on sale.

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    The only thing that caught my eye was a $3 off coupon for goodnites.

    I did buy some adorable colorful button snaps though! I intend to use them to make cute handmade tab extenders and one day when I get better at sewing, onesies.

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    Unfortunately, I didn't really see anything good on sale. I was hoping to find a good diaper bag, but never came across anything that really caught my eye. The only thing I purchased all day was a pair of golf shoes so not ABDL related at all. Sorry this thread kind of failed lol.

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