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Thread: a big shout out to everyone who has helped me.

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    Default a big shout out to everyone who has helped me.

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    Thank you all for all of your support and advice. I have been able to be more confident in my daily routines of changing, being out in public and at work.

    One big piece of advice that I took was to get some onsies. They came yesterday and I'm totally stoked. They fit really well and as I was told hold the diaper closers to the body. I woke up with a full diaper this morning, and I haven't had any sagging from my diaper,and the bulge is really not visible.

    And thank you for all your advice on being out in public, and diaper brands.

    You all are rockstars.

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    And thank you for saying all that.

    I know the only real reasons I'm here are to help people like you, while also trying to help dispel the common misconceptions of abdl's like me.

    It's good to know our efforts are not all in vain.

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    This is a great site for exchanging information and learning about all the various products. When I first came on this site, there were only a few AB/DL kinds of diaper products. Now there are a lot more to choose from. It's been interesting to watch the demand grow and being met by various dealers. I think it's an encouraging sign.

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