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Thread: Hi there :)

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    Red face Hi there :)

    Hey there!

    I've been into AB/DL stuff for a really long time, but have never been able to play with another little or caregiver / mommy.
    I've been really on the fence about going to CapCon so I could make some friends, but I can also be really shy when it comes to meeting people in a "play" or little space type situation.
    If you've been, what's it like? Is everyone as friendly as it seems?

    To make things interesting, what's your favorite kind of diaper and why?

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    Hayo foxy. Wassup. What's capcon? I dunno what my favorite diaper is, I've only ever worn 1 type
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    CapCon is an (apparently) huge age play Con in Chicago, IL. Chicago Age Players Convention.

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    Welcome to the community. Do you have any hobbies or interests you like doing in your spare time?

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    yup yup!
    I really like photography (outdoors / nature mostly) and tinkering with electronics!

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    I used to do some photography. I worked for my high schools yearbook and journalism taking pictures for them.
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