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Thread: Does anyone believe in Paranormal things?

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    Default Does anyone believe in Paranormal things?

    I was just curious. Talk about any experiences you've had here, and all that stuff. ^^

    Here are some of mine:

    Prior to visiting an old prison in Yuma, Arizona... I was going to wear a red shirt (this is important info for later). Well, I decided not to. I've always thought of myself as an empath or sensitive as well. Anyway, we went to the old prison and the entire time there, I felt very overwhelmed... like I was sensing a lot of things around me that no one else could. I was also with my parents. There was this one cell called the Dark Cell, and I became so overwhelmed by "something" in there that I ran out before getting any good pictures. Well, we entered the gift shop. I was reading this book about paranormal stuff and came across the prison we were at. It turns out that this little girl haunted the dark cell and would poke or bother people wearing red. I had almost worn red that day. The prison also was used to house the homeless for a long time as well.

    Another incident was when I was laying on the couch trying to sleep. I opened my eyes and saw a man wearing a flannel shirt standing over me. I was a bit startled because I didn't know who it was or anything. It didn't hit me until later that I realized this to be my dad's brother; my uncle Larry from a picture of them together. I know this wasn't imagined because I sensed his presence for a long time, and then after a while... he just sort of vanished. I haven't sensed him since then.

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    No, I don't believe in Paranormal Occurrences or Supernatural Occurrences.

    I believe that it's something that occurs in the brain, due to a miss-match of signals.

    That being said, I've personally have had out of body experiences, astral projection and lucid dreams, but I generally don't think much about it.

    While It's possible that there might be a God, Ghosts, Etc, I just don't believe in it, but I'm open to any evidence.

    That being said, you've had some very interesting incidents, I don't believe in paranormal phenomena personally, but I find it fascinating that people experience such things.

    I myself haven't ever experienced paranormal occurrences, I've had hallucinations in the past and they appear realistic so I generally assume paranormal activity is just the brain playing tricks on people.

    So yeah I don't know, It's not something you can disprove or prove really, I'm the type of person who if I see it myself I might change my view.

    I just think it's something that isn't explained yet, and happens in the brain, there are tons of unexplained things that occur.

    That being said there is most likely more to everything than we can understand. For example if we are living in a simulation, ghosts are more likely glitches in the simulation, if you interested you can read up on Simulation Hypothesis.

    I lean on the side of I don't know personally I've never experienced it, than again I've never believed in ghosts, though I've heard stories of people hearing people walk down there hallway, dead people visiting them etc.

    I've myself have had tons of spiritual experiences, I've had some wicked awesome lucid dreams, I've had out of body experiences though I don't see those things as supernatural / paranormal. that being said there are a lot of unexplained things and maybe one day we will finally understand what causes such things.

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    I personally do not believe in ghosts/spirits or anything paranormal. But then again I have never seen anything myself.

    My dad claims our house is haunted. Well, more specifically a corner of it. Once, he was outside urinating near the corner of the house, and he claims that something whispered in his ear "let me help you with that," and that he could feel its breath on his neck. Judging by his urination and his normal weekend habits, I'd say he was several beers into the evening.

    I also have a friend who says she and her lineage can see and talk to spirits. From what I can tell, she's being honest so she at least believes it herself. I just think it's a hunk o' baloney.

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    This comes up every now and again on this site. My observation is that those who have had no paranormal experiences tend not to believe in them and those who have, do. All the older members on this site know about my experience which came from playing with a Ouija board with a friend. We both saw the same thing which was a full figured ghost. Few people ever have this experience so I easily understand why most people don't believe in such things.

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    I don't really know. It seems farfetched.

    ...but I know several people who have seen ghosts. Most of my family have seen a ghost at some point. I never have.

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    I keep an open mind -- in general I feel this is an important practice. There are some paranormal things I believe in because I have personal experience with them, e.g. ghosts. There are things I don't have personal experience with but which strike me as distinctly plausible, e.g. UFO's. Then there are things for which the evidence is simply not convincing, e.g. crop circles or bigfoot, so I'd lean toward them being essentially pranks. And finally there are things I find just flatly ridiculous, such as aliens building the Egyptian pyramids.

    So I guess for me there's a spectrum of things I believe in, things I don't believe in, and things for which the jury is still out. To me it doesn't make sense, from a procedural standpoint, to preemptively conclude something does not exist until absolute proof of its existence is established; rather, I weigh the balance of what evidence is available. It's too easy to overlook things otherwise... tales of giant squid were told for centuries before an actual specimen was found, the phenomenon of ball lightning has only been taken seriously by scientists in recent decades after a few chance photographs, etc. I think it's important to evaluate things skeptically, but also not to jump to conclusions -- it can be a fine line to walk.

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    I'm afraid to get too deep into this topic. I worry it'll only lead to arguments.... but...

    UFOs I definitely "believe" in. (I kinda wish it didn't count as paranormal) Life might be common throughout the universe... and we can only make slight guesses as to what an alien race would be capable of doing. Imagine someone from 500 BC seeing an iPhone or a Boeing 737, then multiply that person's feelings by 100x. There's a lot of evidence that people just deny, but it is disappointing that there's not really any perfect "smoking gun" proof. You can have a million signs pointing toward something, but if you can't actually see that thing, then you start to doubt those signs. However, I think aliens have been here at some point.

    I think it's at least slightly possible aliens could have helped to build the pyramids. Think of how easy it would be with such advanced technology. Think of how hard it would be for ancient people without even the aid of modern machines. However, there's no perfect proof of it, either. So maybe aliens were involved somehow, but maybe they weren't. It's possible that ancient people found their own clever ways to do things, and a lot of evidence indicates that. They weren't nearly as stupid as people generally think they were. But maybe they were trying to contact aliens by building such huge structures. Or maybe not.

    Bigfoot... I dunno. Probably not real, but... maybe. If they're actually real, I think they're some sort of alien. I struggle to think of any other way they could be so.... clandestine... and for so long.

    If faster than light travel is not possible (which I don't believe. I think there's a way. of course, I can't prove it)... it's still entirely possible that other races can do things we can't yet do. It's possible that an alien race could become a race of cyborgs with enough technological development... ask Stephen Hawking (although, he'll also tell you how they'll come to murder us all) That, and/or maybe they have the technology to live for thousands of years. If they're close enough to Earth, then maybe they could make the journey. Or maybe there are actually artificial intelligence entities, whether sentient or not, exploring the universe. I have no proof though... I'm only asking people to wonder what might be out there.

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    I used to believe in all sorts of things but the older I get, and the more knowledge I accumulate, the less I'm readily inclined to believe things without some credible evidence. I've seen weird things too. I saw my daughter go into the bathroom one night and after waiting a few minutes to see why she hadn't shut the door, I went in and nobody was there. She denied going to the bathroom that night. Clearly, my head was messing with me. I also suffer from PTSD and have had the classic "flashing before your open eyes" experience that I thought was just a movie trope. When my dog died, I could have sworn I saw him in the backyard. My head clearly knows how to mess with me. Humans are very suggestible. We look for patterns and meanings in places where there often isn't any. I'm really open to credible evidence of the supernatural, but the term itself is flawed. To be supernatural it has to exist outside the laws of nature. But if it exists, then technically it's natural. Which means that the laws of physics apply and can be tested and verified.

    Bigfoot, eh, still not convinced. I have seen videos of black bears walking on two feet. This is apparently more common than you might think. I figured if Bigfoot was real, that we'd know by now, what with all the fancy game cameras plus the cameras everybody has now anyways, yet any videos are still usually hard to see or blurry.

    The main thing I try to do is remain open to evidence but years ago I was accused of being really gullible and having a na´ve streak about me. I don't want to be conned. I want to know what is real so I require sufficient explanations of the things that fall out of the norm.

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    Currently I don't, but with some undeniably solid evidence I wouldn't be afraid to.

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