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Thread: Hi fellow Diaper Lovers

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    Default Hi fellow Diaper Lovers

    Hi everybody,

    My name is James everybody calls me Coatse. I live in Bangkok and I have been a diaper lover for 6 years now and love it. The feeling of the diaper and the naughty feeling of been caught. The feeling when it's wet and then really wet. I will be doing my first public diapering and wetting today 18.04.17. can't wait for it I will let you all know how it goes.

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    Sounds like a fun time. Welcome to the club. I joined because I was tired of being afraid of what society thinks and for feeling pointless negative emotions over something so wonderfully comforting. My personal mantras lately are "Own who you are" and "no shame, no guilt".

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    Tommycombs has some good points Acceptance is important


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    Sounds like he does accept it but I know for many of us, it's not so easy. I've noticed a big improvement in my own self worth after my short time here already.

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