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    Default night time accidents

    It"s about 3 AM and I just cleaned up and changed. This doesn't happen very often but it does happen. I put my cloth pull-up diaper right in the washer and wrap my disposable. I feel so clean after a shower and a new diaper. I always felt diapers were great. Now, not so much. I never thought I would actually need them. Kind of takes the thrill away.

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    Aw, I'm guessing you had an accident while asleep? Man those stink. Literally and figuratively. Can relate.

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    Yeah, I definitely have felt days where I was so done with needing diapers, but my bladder wasn't. It's frustrating, and I've come close a few times to removing the "DL" from my ADISC profile, but sure enough the enjoyment comes back in waves.

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