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    Crunchyroll has announced they will be streaming a new original anime, Omutsu no Watashinojinsei (My Life in Diapers). The show chronicles the tribulations and triumphs of twenty-something Hideko, as she struggles to balance her work duties and personal life against her adult baby side, whose childish desires are ready to burst out at any minute. The series is set to premiere in June.

    April Fools'!!!

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    At first, I thought this was serious till I got to the diaper part. XD

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    id totally watch something like this, surprised its not actually thing. It should be!

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    Haha.....if it's Japanese anime, nothing would surprise me. Now I'm disappointed that it's an April fool joke. Oh yeah....and that I'm an April fool.

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    Nice! Did you dream that up on the spot, or have you been bursting to post it for the last week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchtopK View Post
    Nice! Did you dream that up on the spot, or have you been bursting to post it for the last week?
    Decided I wanted to do a joke a few days ago, and concocted it up last night.

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