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    My parents will be going out of town for 4-6 days at the end of April and I wanted to wear while they're gone. I've heard that instead of having UPS, FedEx or USPS deliver to your door you can have the package delivered to a place like Office Max and have them hold it for you. Anyone have experience doing this?

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    I don't have experience with that. But you can call your local shops and ask their policies?

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    If you can't find an independently owned postal shop that accepts all packages, a proper PO box should do the the trick. In my experience, this option is not expensive.

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    For shipping:

    If you ship via UPS, call your local UPS store and ask about holding your package. They may charge you $5 or so.

    I believe you can do the same thing with FedEx.

    Not sure you can do this for a specific package for USPS. You may want to call your local PO and ask.

    You can get a PO box or a box at UPS or FedEx but unless you are going to do this often, the cost is way too great for a one-time purchase.

    For payment:

    I agree with the above posted who said to get a pre-paid card (using cash) and then use the pre-paid card for your purchase.

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    For UPS setup a My UPS account, the account is free and easy to setup. After you setup your account you can track all of your deliveries and for free you can route you're package to any UPS store or Authorized hold for pickup location. I'm not sure where you're ordering from but I always used this method when I bought from ABU as it was totally free and super convenient. This method is one of the easiest as you can choose when and where to have it delivered and it doesn't cost anything. As long as the place you order from offers UPS Ground this method will work.

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    Options will vary depending on your location. Not every depot will hold for delivery. In my city, the fedex and ups depots will hold for delivery, but one of them requires one attempt before delivery. The post office is the same way, they won't hold for delivery until one attempt is made. (direct address, I could get a PO box from them but one big enough for a case of diapers would be expensive) DHL has no hold option because there's no local depot and the delivery vehicle drives an hour from another city to deliver. (well I suppose they could hold there but I don't feel like a two hour excursion to pick up a package) So do some calling to find out what options are available at your location.

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