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Thread: I'm a little nervous, excited, and hopeful all at the same time right now

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    Default I'm a little nervous, excited, and hopeful all at the same time right now

    Hello. I am not sure what all to say. I'm so new to posting. I am not big into social media so this is a big step for me. I'm nervous. I have viewed this site off and on for the past few months and wanted to post so many things and responses, but have always been too nervous to join. But I figured I should join as I have thoughts about diapers that I can not find anything about and am not sure if I am unique (nice way of saying weird) or if others have had the same thoughts. There are things that I enjoy doing with diapers that I don't see even though I have searched. Although going through the hundreds of posts even here can be a little daunting so it may have been posted already. I dunno. I will create threads and if I get a response that says that it was already discussed...then well there you go. I got my answer. That's the reason why I joined. I get the feeling that this site is generally very welcoming and thoughtful of other people's feelings. I am just a normal guy who lives life and interacts out in the world. But I have this hidden side that no one knows about and want to keep it that way. However, I also want to talk about my secret paraphillia. This seems like a safe place to be to share ideas about my secret fetish. I am looking forward to hearing what others might have to say to my thoughts and ideas and I am looking forward to responding to some others' posts that I have wanted to respond to. (I am so nervous right now, my hands are shaking as I am typing this.)

    Well, what can I say about myself. I like dinosaurs (obviously because of my user name), gardening, doing minor work on cars, coin collecting, hiking, fishing, playing video games, computers, and solving logic problems because I enjoy getting the brain working.

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    Hello DinasaurWalk and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.

    There is a coin collection group "the wonderful World of Coins" IF you would like to join.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Hi and welcome to the site. I still have the coins I collected as a kid. I used to do a lot of fishing with my wife until her health took a turn for the worst. I hope you enjoy the site and get involved in the conversations. We usually have a lot of fun discussing almost anything.

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    Hi and welcome! I was a lot like you when I joined: nervous, never done anything like joining such a forum, etc. Also enjoy my fetish in secret, and have for many years. It's unlikely no one has ever had the same thoughts as you re diaper use, but hey, you'll never know until you ask, so ask away! Look forward to seeing you around.

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