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    So tonight after work I went to go buy some more diapers. After I purchased them I was in the Starbucks drive thru when the urge to poop hit me. I was not diapered and on the way out of the parking lot of thought if I could fart it would release some pressure in my abdomen. Well a lot more than a fart was released. I completely loaded my panties and had to drive the next 20mins in completely loaded panties. When I arrived home and was unlocking my front door I also peed a bit as well. Sigh. Looks like I need to wear more diapers and less panties.

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    I've had a lot of these moments minus the not wearing a diaper part. It's worse because when you have bowel accident your sitting down so it spreads and the clean up is that much more difficult, especially if the diaper is soaking wet too.
    You can't stop in the middle of the road to change, you need to get to a proper place you can change and clean up.

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    I've also had those moments when not padded up but recently I was driving and I was wearing and...well...boom! I should have been smarter in the past thinking my bouts of IBS would just magically go away and no protection was needed. Not true!

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    I must admit, when I saw the "accident while driving" title, I thought that this thread was gonna be about a...different type of accident. Glad you're okay, if not a bit more wet and messy for the wear!

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    I'm sorry to hear about your accident
    sometimes our bodies pick the worst times to need to use the bathroom

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    yeah farting and driving unpadded is never a good idea.
    I recall reading a "rules for getting old" tshirt or sign or something, two of the line items I remember seeing:
    - never walk past a bathroom
    - never trust a fart

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    I've been having to live by that last line for a few years now.

    I've had some serious abdominal pressure problems, a few massive hemorrhoids surgically removed, and a bleeding anal fissure (which I still have a little). Well lets just say I have reduce feeling and control back there.

    It's near impossible for me to hold back a big fart, and I worst yet I can't tell the difference between diarrhea and gas very well either. I can usually make it to the bathroom, but well let's just say I'm glad I'm always diapered.

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    Non nerve sparing prostatectomy, plus salvage radiation inducing chronic colitis creates the perfect storm... I can't tell the difference between gas, diarrhea, or stool, and I have difficulty preventing its release. If I sense any abdominal pressure whatsoever I head to the nearest toilet pronto.

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